Memorial Day History

April 29, 2018 — Recognizing Memorial Day started in 1868, when the division of the Grand Army of the Republic demanded that their commander, General John A. Logan, adorn the graves of their fallen war comrades with flowers. It was an event that began to recognize the soldiers who died in the American Civil War. After World War I,... Read More

Employee of the Month

April 29, 2018 — Petra Sifuentes, Social Services Director Petra has been the Social Services Director at Santa Fe Care center for five years. She was chosen by the residents at the Resident Council meeting for this honor. Congratulations Petra!

How To Reduce Blood Pressure Symptoms

April 29, 2018 — Blood pressure is the pressure exerted on the arteries. Blood pressure can differ from person to person. When your blood pressure is measured, it is expressed in two numbers such as 120/80 (healthy). If your blood pressure is measured as 140/90 (or higher), then you are a patient of hypertension or high blood pressure and... Read More

What is National Skilled Nursing Care Week?

April 29, 2018 — National Skilled Nursing Care week was established by the American Health Care Association in 1967 to recognize the role of skilled nursing care centers in caring for America’s seniors and individuals with disabilities. This year’s theme, “Celebrating Life’s Stories”, pays homage to the diverse set of perspectives that residents, families, and staff bring to everyday... Read More

Happy Birthday!

April 29, 2018 — Residents Sylvia S. May 02 Gabriel M. May 03 Israel M. May 04 Nancy F. May 11 Angie M. May 13 Barbara M. May 13 Franks S. May 14 Jose S. May 18 Isabelle W. May 20 Lowell K. May 26 Louisa E. May 26 Staff Lucia Soto, CNA May 01 Simona Castillo, Act. Asst.... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

April 29, 2018 — Dear Residents, Families and Friends of Santa Fe Care Center: Thank you very much for allowing us to provide your care or the care of your loved one. I consider it a privilege and an honor! This month we celebrate NURSES, Mothers, and Skilled Nursing Care! May 6 – May 12 is National Nurses’ Week;... Read More

Employee of the Month

March 27, 2018 — Anita Jaramillo has been with Santa Fe Care since June 2016, she is from Albuquerque and is a Certified Nurse’s Assistant. She enjoys working with her residents and coworkers and shows up to work with a cheerful attitude. She is very caring and patient when it comes to her work and duties. Congrats on a... Read More

Earth Day

March 27, 2018 — Earth Day came about after six years of effort from then Senator Gaylord Nelson, who, back in the 1960s, had the foresight to look at the long term impact of pollution on the environment. He was instrumental in getting his message out to college students, who took this issue on with concern and enthusiasm for... Read More

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

March 27, 2018 — There are many projects we can do to reduce our environmental footprint and help in the rehabilitation of the earth. Here are some tips you can easily do everyday to care for our environment. Reduce – Conserving our natural resources can be done everyday. If we don’t start conserving our resources soon, we may face... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

March 27, 2018 — Dear Residents, Families and Friends of Santa Fe Care Center: Thank you for continuing to trust us with your care or the care of your loved one. It is a privilege and an honor to provide this service! I am pleased to announce that Santa Fe Care Center is now rated a 4-star facility on... Read More